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As Australia's leading Chinese law firm, WB Legal has won many industry awards. Adhering to the concept of international vision and local wisdom, WB Legal aims to establish a one-stop legal, financial, investment platform between China and Australia.


As a leading international law firm, WB Legal has several legal departments covering different areas of law including business, finance, administration and litigation.


As an international law firm with extensive practice experience, WB Legal can provide excellent legal services under very competitive conditions.


Benefiting from its brilliant legal team, WB Legal is able to ensure the provision of international legal opinions and smooth communication between different regions.


Our headquarters is located in Sydney with branches in Shanghai and Wuhan.

When dealing with legal affairs, WB Legal will stop at nothing to protect the best interest of the client, and to ensure evey client receives the most efficient and effective legal service. 

About Us

Mr. Wang is an attorney registered on Supreme Court of New South Wales' roll. Before starting WB Legal in 2010, he worked in the defence team of Australia's largest law Firm, Ashrust. He has extensive trial experience as a result. Now he is the leader of WB Legal.

Mr. Wang is currently serving as a legal advisor for several international companies (SF Express) and is the vice president of the Ningbo Chamber of Commerce.

As the partner of WB Legal, James excels in commerical and corporation law. His reputation in winning caes about shareholder agreement dispute, patent dispute, land developement dispute exceeds his peers. 

James' unique legal background cemented him the first choice for corporate clients. His clientele includes prestigious energy companies, land developers, commercial banks, etc.

Dragan has served as a barrister for 11 years at 11 Garfield Barwick Chambers. He specialises in business law, company law, bankruptcy law, construction law, family law, criminal law.


He represented Rodney Stephen Adler, director of FAI, Australia's third largest insurance company; he also appeared as a court lawyer for previous Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

With the Juris Doctor degree from University of Sydney, Mr. Hu's specialities are Immigration law, Criminal law and Employment law.

Mr. Hu's profound understanding of the law and attention to details won him many cases and was reputable among his clients.

Mr. Wen graduated from Bond University and he is specializing in property law, family law, and debt claims.


Mr. Wen shires in assiting clients to protect their assets, to carry out asset allocation. Community management disputes, DA certification application, contract deposit recovery, debt recovery and negotiation are also Mr. Wen's strong areas.

Grace has 15 years of experience working as an attorney in China and she is also an admitted lawyer of the Supreme Court of Australia.


With widely recognized work experience domestically and aboard, Grace has a deep understanding of the lesgislative background in China-Australia business transactions.


As a strong and indepent female solicitor, Grace has  won many civil litigations cases involving international assets. 

Jae, who was born in South Korea, immigrated to New Zealand in 1995 and has worked in Australia since 2014.

Jae is a lawyer in the Supreme Court of New South Wales and a member of the New South Wales Bar Association. He practiced in the areas of debt recovery, immigration and contract law.

Jae is a reputable migration agent with many Korean connections and are a respected member of the Korean community

Angie has a strong passion in the field of business law and family law. She handles litigation cases involves in assets protection and dispute of custody of their children.

Angie graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws. 

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